Saturday, 8 March 2008

Cd vinyl replica 2002 editions: Iron Maiden 1980. Released just in USA by Sanctuary and Metal Is.

In 2002 the Maiden back catalog was re-released, again, but this time in a very and much more interesting way, in vinyl replica format. This editions were released just in America and they imitate, not 100%, the vinyl editions as close as possible. The back sleeves of the gatefold editions are exactly the same as the original vinyl releases. The booklets and Cd artwork and multimedia parts are the same as the 1998 re-editions, no more no less. Also they added the X Factor and Virtual XI but without multimedia sections.
The Eddie coin that you see on the photos were to collect 6 of them and then the person would send to the distributor, Sony Music, and they would send the person The Sound House Tapes Cd. This was only for America.
I don't understand why, but the Live After Death and Somewhere In Time are the most expensive of all, you have to give on Ebay some $150.00 at least for the two, if the Sound House Tapes is included on the pack it will be some $250.00, its crazy but the competition is very high.


Cat.nÂș: USA CK 86051