Sunday, 2 March 2008

My first Iron Maiden Fan Club member pack, received in February 2008.

Guys, I'm very proud to show you here my very first Maiden Fan Club member pack. Its great, consists in a sheet with some information, the magazine number 80, a personalized member card with our name, number and with The Trooper artwork, a pin which is a Steve Harris bass guitar replica, a photo and a discount voucher.
The magazine is great because brings an interview to Steve Harris made by a Fan Club member and collector, and they talk a bit about test pressings and the Maiden Japan Venezuela.

Ed Hunter 1999 video game

Until know this is the only video game that our boys released.
The game was released in 1999 and a world tour was followed to promote it and also to Bruce and Adrian could have a warm up.
The game , as a game, is very very bad, I have to be honest, the graphics are good, but the game is not worth the money we pay. I will only say that on the Powerslave level we have to pass by almost 20 steps, all the same, until we get out from there...The game has also a soundtrack, we can choose the songs that we want to hear, but again, another detail with a lack of imagination, because we spent all the level listening the same track again and again and again...
Another problem of the game is the reduced fire capacity in comparison with all the stuff we have to shoot and that are thrown to us...

Cat.nº: UK 5205200

Maiden Canada 2000 re-editions.

On the year 2000, EMI Canada decided to re-release some Maiden albums: Iron Maiden, Number Of the Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time,Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Fear Of The Dark and Brave New World. All this re-editions are the same as the 1998 ones, the same booklet, artwork etc, BUT, they put an extra that was a cardboard cover with Eddie as the Canadian mountain police man ( this artwork was made originally for the Powerslave tour 1984/85). Apparently they didn't ask permission, the Canada police authorities didn't like the joke, and EMI had to cancel this editions. Now, they worth a fortune, on Ebay you have to be prepared to give more than $100.00 if you want just ONE!!!
I don't know why just this seven Cd's were released, probably were the biggest selling albums in Canada, I don't know for sure.
What you are seeing here is just the cardboard cover I bough from a Ebay seller and cost me some $20.00, I would never give a fortune for such nonsense item because the Cd's itself are really the same as the 1998 re-issues.
All the cardboard sleeves has the same artwork, just the photo of the album changes, obviously.
The Brave New World Cd doesn't bring multi media stuff.
Cat.nº: Powerslave / Canada 72434969200