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Promotional Cd's: a brief introduction.

My aim when I collect promo Cd's is as always have just the better and fun editions, I'm not like some collectors that once they have one thing they feel obligated to have everything! I'm sorry but I don't take that ride. I just want to have those promo Cd's who have different details on the sleeves in comparison with the singles, the ones with interviews, different song versions like the Wicker Man USA promo Cd etc. For instance, I have the ultra rare USA promo Cd, "The Fugitive", not because is a promo but because of the details on the cover and the marvelous interview, I love to hear interviews. I'm not the kind of collector that buys things just to put it on a shelf and that's it! I love to touch things and hear them. There are yet some 7 promo Cd's missing in my collection but with time I will buy them.I really hope you enjoy this part, I've listed by chronological order and added the category numbers so you guys can know better when you buy a copy.
Because this is a blog, we can't have sections, so , what I must create in advance the posts, then when I have them I just come here and type the text and put some photos, it must be like this, on the contrary it would be very confusing and difficult for you guys to follow. Doing by this method all the promo Cd's are all together.

Promotional Cd's: Holy Smoke 1990 USA promo Cd. Different back cover from the Single.

USA promo Cd to promote the New 1990 album, No Prayer For The Dying. Its an interesting Cd with a completely different back cover in comparison with the single.
Just one track, the first single "Holy Smoke".

Cat.nº: ESK 2194 Epic

Promotional Cd's: Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 1990 USA promo Cd.

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Be Quick Or Be Dead USA promo Cd.

Waiting for purchase

Promotional Cd's: The Fugitive 1992 USA promo Cd. Has 20 minute interview with Bruce plus 2 tracks.

This fantastic USA promotional Cd, in my opinion is the best of all ever made. The sleeve has so many and funny details, there is even a reference of the battle of Hastings that the Brits lost for the French's in 1066. You must read it with attention and have a good fun and laugh with it. The cd itself is funny 'cause it has 2 guys running, probably from Eddie, eehehh!! Also, a great black and white promo photo with the band.
Tracks are: "The Fugitive" and "Roll Over Vic Vella", which I think is a conversation between Steve and long time friend and roadie since the start, Vic Vella. It was this guy that used to drive the boys on the first Iron Maiden tour van, The Green Goddess ( that was the name of the van) on the early days, 1977 until 1979. The CD ends with a great and very interesting interview with Bruce Dickinson along 20 minutes.Its funny that Iron Maiden since 1990, don't sell much in the States, but it is there where they produce the best promo Cd's, sometimes they are much better than the single releases.See the pictures and enjoy it!

Cat.nº: ESK 4648 Epic

Promotional Cd's: Maiden Hell 1998 USA promo Cd in card sleeve. Has just songs.

This USA Maiden Hell promo Cd is great. For the ones who don't know this artwork was going to be used in a 7' vinyl edition, but turn out to be canceled.
Cd is has just some audio tracks taken from the 1998 remastered albums. Photo discography on the back cover.

Cat.nº: IRONSAM 2

Promotional Cd's: Maiden Hell 1998 promo USA Cd in card sleeve.Just multi media contents.

USA Maiden Hell 1998 promo Cd.
Great promo Cd with a fabulous sleeve, don't you guys think?
This Cd is has just some multi media stuff, a kind of teaser before buying the 1998 official re-editions, really great!!
On the back sleeve has the new improved artwork for the No Prayer For The Dying sleeve.

Cat.nº: IRONSAM 1

Promotional Cd's: Futureal USA Cd.

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Ed Hunter 1999 Europe promo press kit with Cd.

This is one hell of a promo Cd!! This is the Ed Hunter European promo press kit Cd. It comes with several information sheets about the video game and the Ed Hunter World tour 1999. Has a promo photo of the band, the Ed Hunter demo Cd and a small colour sheet with some scans of the game levels, all of this to be archived in a beautiful folder with the video game artwork on the front sleeve and on the back a band photo.

Promotional Cd's: Wrathchild 1999 USA promo Cd featuring a new vocal version with Bruce. Just one track.

This is one of my favourites promo Cd's.This is the USA 1999 Wrathchild promo Cd made to promote the Ed Hunter video game and the following world tour.
Its very special to me because the photo on the sleeve was taken at Algarve, Portugal, your host country.
It has a new version of the song Wrathchild, they just added Bruce voice to the music, its not 100% a new version, just the voice.For the ones who don't know, on the USA version of the Ed Hunter video game we can find this track.

Cat.nº: VSK 46316 Portrait / Columbia

Promotional Cd's: Super rare Brave New World interview Cd. Europe pressing.

Well, this is one of the most rare interview Cd's, its from the Brave New World era, and has interviews with Bruce, Steve and Janick.
This Cd was bought on Ebay for $49.99, I was the only one to bid because, I think, this Cd had a fake Adrian Smith signature ( I erase it), I was the lucky one, ehehe!!!
On the end of the interview there is the Wicker Man single, album version.

Cat.nº: CDIN130

Promotional Cd's: The Wicker Man 2000 USA promo Cd. America and Canada tour dates inside.2 tracks, radio and album version.

This USA promo Cd was made to promote the new album Brave New World released in May 2000, and also the single Wicker Man and is an authentic piece of jewelry. the front sleeve has a different photo from the one we see on the official single, but the real reason to have this Cd is that comes with a version that has different chorus from the original one, fantastic, I couldn't believe it when receive this Cd, it was well worth to buy it.
America and Canada tour dates inside. On the back sleeve we see a photo of the dummy they used to make the video Wicker Man.
Two tracks, radio and edit version.

Cat.nº: CSK 12766 Portrait / Columbia

Promotional Cd's: Out Of The Silent Planet USA. America and Canada dates inside. 2 tracks, radio and album version.

Just wonderful this USA promo Cd for the single Out Of The Silent Planet taken from the 2000 album Brave New World.
The sleeve is so cool, has the Eddie that we also see on the official tour book, and a promo photo taken during the filming sessions for the Wicker Man video.
The Cd is picture with a beautiful photo of planet Earth taken from the space. Inside we have the American and Canada tour dates.

Cat.nº: CSK 16122 Portrait/ Columbia

Promotional Cd's: Out Of The Silent Planet Europe promo Cd. 3 tracks.

Out Of The Silent Planet Europe 2000 promo Cd.This is a promo made to promote the second single from the Brave New World album. This Cd's are given to radio stations to promote the album or the single.It has , as you can see , a completely different cover in comparison with the USA edition, very interesting. 3 tracks, Out Of the Silent Planet, edit version, Fallen Angel and Brave New World.

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 576

Promotional Cd's: Metal Is 2000 promo Cd with special Maiden video interview.

This promotional cd was made during the year 2000 to promote the artists from Metal Is label. As you guys know, Sanctuary and Metal Is are responsible for publishing the Maiden stuff in North America.
There is special multimedia sections with a interview to Maiden.
Also features, Blaze Bayley, Rob Halford, The Almighty, Spiritual Beggars, Emtombed, Kick and Dirty Deeds.
This Cd I got it when I was leaving the venue in Vilar De Mouros Rock festival, July 2000, they were giving loads of these Cd's, for free, yes!!!!

Promotional Cd's: Rock In Rio 2002 promo DVD. Picture disc. Europe pressing.

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Rock In Rio 2002 promo interview cd. Europe pressing.

Waiting for purchase.

promotional Cd's: Run To The Hills Europe promo cd in card sleeve. 2 tracks.

This promo Cd was made to promote the Rock in Rio 2001 Live Cd and DVD and also the Run To The Hills Cd's and 7' vinyl editions that were re-released along with 3 sold out shows that the boys played at Brixton Academy, London , to raise funds and help their buddy and ex drummer Clive Burr who sadly suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The 2 tracks are Run To The Hills, taken from The Number Of The Beast album and Rock In Rio Live respectively. The only difference on this Cd in comparison with the sleeve of the official single is that the audience is not there and the letters of the title song are in red at center, on the single they are white on the right side.

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 612

Promotional Cd's: Eddies Archive 2002 USA promo picture disc Cd in card sleeve. 8 tracks.

This was the USA Cd made to promote the Eddies Archive 2002 Cd box set edition. Its one of my favourites because the artwork on the Cd itself its amazing!. The sleeve is from a tick cardboard.There is a European edition of this promo but its not even close in terms of quality, its not picture disc like this one, just some writings on the Cd, so I chosed just this one to be a part of my collection, its much more cool!
This Cd has several tracks taken from the 3 official Eddies Archive Cd's, spectacular!! Look at the photos !

Cat.nº: CSK 59260

Promotional Cd's: 17 Numbers Of the Beast 2002 USA promo Cd released by Sanctuary and Metal Is. Card sleeve, 17 tracks.

Promo Cd released in 2002 by Sanctuary and Metal Is in the States to announce that the Iron Maiden back catalog was available through Columbia Records for the first time. It has tracks since SoundHouse Tapes until Rock In Rio 2001.
The name of the Cd is "17 Numbers Of The Beast" and features 17 tracks.
As you guys can see its a wonderful and very original sleeve made by Hugh Gilmour, its all the Eddie heads, since Iron Maiden until Virtual XI album,inside a bottle on a shelf, very funny, eheheh!! In my opinion is one of the coolest promo Cd's and is well worth to have it.

Cat.nº: CSK 56740

Promotional Cd's: Wildest Dreams 2003 Europe Cd in digipack sleeve. Just one track.

Europe promo digipack CD made to promote the Wildest Dreams single taken from the 2003 Dance of Death album as you all know.Its also a good fun this edition and one of my favourites. Features just the Wildest Dreams track.

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 627

Promotional Cd's: Rainmaker 2003 Europe card sleeve Cd.Just one track. European tour dates on the back cover.

Rainmaker is another interesting Europe promo Cd. No Eddie our the boys on the sleeve, just a beautiful photo of a sky with clouds and everything. The colour of the Cd is black. On the back of the sleeve there are all the tour dates of the Dance Of Death World Tour 2003/2004. The Cd has only one track taken from the album without cuts.

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 633

Promotional Cd's: No More Lies 2003 Europe Cd.

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Dance Of Death 2003 European promo interview Cd.

Promotional Europe interview Cd with questions and answers made by the time of the release of Dance Of Death 2003 album. All band members are interviewed. This item was a true bargain, I bought it on a record market here in Portugal by , imagine, $38.00, FANTASTIC!!!

Promotional Cd's: The Trooper 2005 digipack picture disc Cd with Summer 2005 tour dates on the back.Europe pressing.

Wow!! This one is a beauty. Its a European promo Cd to promote the Early Days World Tour Summer 2005 and also the re-edition of the single, The Trooper.
Its a digipack edition with the Eddie trooper printed on the Cd. Inside the gatefold there are some thoughts about the tours over the years. Tracks are, The Trooper taken from Piece Of Mind album 1983, and The Trooper recorded live, taken from the live Cd Death On The Road. On the back sleeve there are all the tour dates. Marvelous this edition!!
Cat.nº: CDEMDJ662

Promotional Cd's: A Matter Of Life And Death 2006 Europe promo interview Cd.

Promotional questions and answers interview Cd made by the time of the release of A Matter Of Life And Death 2006 album. All band members are interviewed. On the booklet you can read all the questions and answers.This item was a trad I've made with a American collector.

Cat.nº: 094637496824

Promotional Cd's: The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg 2006 2 track Cd with European tour dates on the back. Europe pressing, card sleeve.

Fantastic this promo Europe promo Cd made to promote the new album AMOLAD and single, The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg.Its a card sleeve, on the back there are all the tour dates of the tour, and a very special one was Barcelona , your Host was THERE, LAUGHING IN THE HIDING BUSH!!!!
There is also a USA promo Cd with a slightly different cover
There are two tracks, one is the version of the album and the other with some cuts, radio version.

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 703

Promotional Cd's: The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg 2006 USA promo Cd

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Different World 2006 2 track digipack Cd. Europe pressing with European dates on the back. Brings a special DVD.

This is also one of my favourite promotional Cd's because I 'm a big fan of digipack editions. It has two Cd's, one with the single and the other is a DVD with the video, the back sleeve is black an brings all the AMOLAD tour dates. Inside the gatefold is a great pic of Eddie taken from the video and also the lyric of the song, fantastic!!

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 714

Promotional Cd's: Download 2007 special 2 track sampler Cd. Europe pressing with 2 tracks.

Waiting for purchase.

Promotional Cd's: Somewhere Back In Time 2008, 3 track sampler Cd. Europe pressing with European tour dates on the back.

Here it is, the promo Cd from the 2008 Best Of edition. This Cd is great because on the back there are the second leg tour dates and also because the colours on picture Cd are different from the commercial release, wow!!!There are two versions of this promo, this one and other with 15 tracks, the same ones of the Cd, but without the tour dates. And this one here is special because its there the Portuguese date, 9th July, can't fuckin wait!!
Many and special thanks to Patrícia Curinha at EMI office here in Lisbon who had the kindness of giving me this promo Cd, who is the lucky one you lot, hei?

Cat.nº: CDEMDJ 750