Sunday, 15 June 2008

Promotional Cd's: a brief introduction.

My aim when I collect promo Cd's is as always have just the better and fun editions, I'm not like some collectors that once they have one thing they feel obligated to have everything! I'm sorry but I don't take that ride. I just want to have those promo Cd's who have different details on the sleeves in comparison with the singles, the ones with interviews, different song versions like the Wicker Man USA promo Cd etc. For instance, I have the ultra rare USA promo Cd, "The Fugitive", not because is a promo but because of the details on the cover and the marvelous interview, I love to hear interviews. I'm not the kind of collector that buys things just to put it on a shelf and that's it! I love to touch things and hear them. There are yet some 7 promo Cd's missing in my collection but with time I will buy them.I really hope you enjoy this part, I've listed by chronological order and added the category numbers so you guys can know better when you buy a copy.
Because this is a blog, we can't have sections, so , what I must create in advance the posts, then when I have them I just come here and type the text and put some photos, it must be like this, on the contrary it would be very confusing and difficult for you guys to follow. Doing by this method all the promo Cd's are all together.