Friday, 5 September 2008

LP collection: a brief reflection.

What you guys see here are just the vinyls that I want to have, of course there's more editions but I'm not the kind of collector who wants to have everything from Maiden released in this planet and Mars, Jupiter etc...
I just collect the very best of them, of course I intend to have all the Portuguese editions because I'm Portuguese , some Japanese, all the UK pressings of course. But when I buy , for instance, a Japanese vinyl ,I don't feel obligated to have them all, why should I?! I don't like that way of collecting and even if I was one of those collectors I also wouldn't have space in my home so...
This also applies to the 7', 12' and 10' inch pressings. I really think this is the best way of collecting, those compulsive collectors sometimes reach a point in their life that they just are fed up with so many vinyls and start to sell their collections, I know that I will never do that.
Please enjoy the ride.


LP collection: Metal For Muthas NWOBHM 1980 EMI compilation. Maiden had two tracks, one in each side.

Guys, this is a compilation made in early 1980 by EMI company to promote the bands of the NWOBHM. Unfortunately and very strange, Saxon and Def Leppard were left aside, no one knows why...
Maiden had the honour of having two tracks here, Rod demanded that, one on each side. The tracks are Sanctuary and Wrathchild, very different versions of the ones feature on the albums. The Wrathchild song is in a much more slower tempo, but its great and has a fenomenal guitar solo, nowadays you can find this two tracks on the first Virus digipack Cd ( cat.nº: UK CDEM 443).
On the back sleeve we have some thoughts from Neal Kay about this album. Neal Kay was a very important figure in Maiden and NWOBHM history. In the Seventies and Early eighties, he was the Headmaster of the London rock club, the Bandwagon Soundhouse, and it was there that the Soundhouse Tapes ( in 1978 it hadn't yet that name, just in November1979 when the guys decided to release it they choose that name because it was there that the tape was first played),start to reach the metal fans hears.
There is also a Japanese pressing of this issue and a Cd released in 2000.
Some songs from the other bands are good, some are crap but you know...its a bit of history ain't ya?

Cat.nº: UK EMC 3318/ 0c 062-07202

LP collection: Iron Maiden 1980 studio album. Checoslovaquia pressing in clear multicolour released in 1991.

I'm almost 100% sure this editions from 1991 are really licensed from EMI to Globus International, a Checoslovaquia label, because they also made some re-issues in various colours for Queen, so yes, this might be licenced.
There are some pressings on Ebay pretending to be a part of this editions from 1991 and 1992 ( they made also several ones for Killers in 1992), in this colours: yellow, blue, pink, white, orange, but they are not licenced, they are bootleg!! And believe me guys, because I bough 4 of these records to a German guy and returned him the stuff!! It was such a crap!!! When I got it in my hands I saw that they were bootleg, the sleeves and the back photos were fading , the vinyls were so badly painted that it almost seems that someone had painted them by hand...
This ones I'm presenting here are not like that, the sleeve and back sleeve are 100% top quality, nothing fading here and the vinyls are beautifully painted. This one is in clear multicolor, fantastic!!!
Cat.nº: Multicolour 1991 Globus
GE 0186/ 210095-1311

LP collection: Iron Maiden 1980 studio album. Checoslovaquia pressing in green colour released in 1991.

Fantastic this one in green colour released by Globus International in Checoslovaquia.

Cat.nº: First green: 1991 Globus
GE 0185/ 210095-1311

LP collection: Iron Maiden 1980 studio album. Checoslovaquia pressing in transparent green released in 1991.

Spectacular this vinyl in transparent green colour. Released in 1991 in Checoslovaquia by the label Globus International.
Cat.nº: 1991 Globus International
GE 0186/ 210095-1311

LP collection: Killers 1981 studio album. Checoslovaquia pressing in red multicolour released in 1992.

Fantastic edition from Checoslovaquia label Globus International in red multicolour.

Cat.nº: 1991 Globus GE 0220/ 2101101311

LP collection: Killers 1981 studio album. Checoslovaquia pressing in red wine colour released in 1992.

Another beautiful edition from Globus international this time in red wine colour.

Cat.nº: GE 0219 / 210110-1311
1991 Globus International

LP collection: Killers UK pressing.

Awaiting for purchase.

LP collection: The Number Of the Beast 1982 studio album. 8 tracks, black vinyl. Portuguese pressing.

Fantastic album, my top one favourite!
The Number Of The Beast was released in 29/03/1982 and entered straight to number one in the UK top chart, wow!!!
This is the Portuguese pressing and the only difference I notice is that the inner sleeve is not rounded on the corners like the UK one. The photos and stuff is the same, no extra tracks also. The photos on the inner sleeve are from The Beast On The Road 1982 World Tour.
Cat.nº: Portugal / 1076081

LP collection: Piece Of Mind 1983 studio album. Black vinyl, gatefold cover, 9 tracks. Portuguese pressing.

This boys and girls is the Portuguese pressing of 1983 studio album Piece Of Mind.
This pressing is a bit rare because, as we all now, the last track of this album is "To Tame A Land", inspired in a book, Dune, written by Frank Herbert. The guys asked him permission to use the name of the book as the title for one song but the fuckin bastard refused!! SO, they just changed the song name, BUT, at the time the album was already on the factory to be pressed, and in a couple of countries like Portugal they didn't had time to change it and it was always pressed with the Dune title instead of To Tame A Land. This is the story!
Piece of Mind was released in 16/05/1983 and reached the number 3 in the UK top chart.

Cat.nº: Portugal 1077241

LP collection: Powerslave 1984 studio album. Black vinyl, 8 tracks. Portuguese pressing.

I'm very proud to present here the Portuguese pressing of the 1984 studio album , Powerslave. Released in 03/09/1984 reached the number 2 in the UK top chart.
The inner sleeve and the labels are the same as the UK edition.Also the 8 same songs.

Cat.nº: Portugal , 2402001

LP collection: Live After Death 1985 double black vinyl in gatefold cover. 17 tracks. UK pressing.

Live After Death was really a landmark in Maiden and rock career. Before that the world didn't knew what was a real rock show. Powerslave changed everything, the big gigantic mummy on the back of the stage, the Eddie walking onstage, the phenomenal backdrops...everything was huge on that tour, so a live album was needed.
Live After Death was released in 14/10/1985 and reached number 2 in the UK top chart.
This edition is the UK pressing and comes with the great special 8 page booklet where we can see much more photos and read what equipment Maiden used on that tour and all the logistic needed, fantastic!
The artwork on the labels are the same on the 2 vinyls on both sides. The inner sleeves are from tick paper with a small cut on top opening.

Cat.nº: RIP 1/ UK

LP collection: Somewhere In Time 1986 studio album. 8 tracks, black vinyl. Portuguese pressing.

This is the Portuguese pressing for the 1986 studio album Somewhere In Time.
Somewhere In Time was released in 29/09/1986 and reached the number 3 in the UK top Chart.
This edition is the same as the others, no extras, no different colours, nothing. But I'm very proud to have them because they were made in my country.
The inner sleeve is from thin paper and the artwork on the label is the same on both sides.
Cat.nº: Portugal / 2405971

I also have the super cool Peruvian edition with a promo gatefold cover and the colossal Japanese, here's the links:

Japanese edition-

LP collection: Seventh Son Of A Sevent Son 1988 studio album. Black vinyl, 8 tracks. UK pressing.

Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son was released in 11/04/1988 and entered straight to number 1 of the UK top chart, second time they achieved this, first was with Number Of The Beast.
This UK pressing is not much different from the Portuguese one unless for the inner sleeve that is made from very tick paper, almost cardboard. The opening top is slightly different and more smaller. English writings around label on side A.

Cat.nº: UK EMD 1006

*There is also a picture disc for this album in die cut sleeve with a special banner, very cool guys, you can see it on the first September 2008 on the picture disc posts.