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Official box sets: Maiden England VHS box plus Cd. Year of this edition: 1994.UK pressing.


For the ones who don't know this Cd is not actually a Maiden official issue but a official release from Sound And Vision, the guys who published the Maiden England VHS tape in 1989.
In 1994 they re-released this VHS with a Cd in a more fat case. This edition is great, on the Cd unfortunately two songs are missing, The Number Of the Beast and Can I Play With Madness, there was not space to include them.
There is a bootleg edition making the rounds, but is in digipack format.
VHS, cat.nº: 72434913103
Cd, cat.nº: 724383006724 / 1994

Official box sets:The First Ten Years 1980-1990, 10 CD box set compilation. Year: 1990. UK pressing.

This is the Cd box set made for the Ten Years Collection 1980-1990. This was a compilation of B-sides and singles along with a very funny thing called Listen With Nicko part 1 until 10. This was our drummer in tyhe studio between jokes and funny stories telling some details behind every single, its hilarious , you have to listen , eheheeh!!!
The box is from very thick cardboard and this one is in very good shape, very difficult to find one in this condition, please see the photos and enjoy.
Cat.nº: UK 1990

Official box sets: The First Ten Years Collection 1980-1990. 10 double vinyl box set. UK pressing.

In 1990 our boys released all the singles and B -sides in a wonderful packing that received the name : The First Ten years 1980-1990.
For the first time all the singles were put together in a double vinyl and Cd in a total of ten releases.
One of the additional interest for buying this was a very funny and interesting thing called Listen With Nicko. In every record our crazy drummer tells the story behind every single, like, where they were recorded , when they were released, what chart position they reached,that sort of stuff, and on the middle some hilarious jokes, you really have to listen, its so funny, eheeh!!
This boxe is complete with all the ten double vinyls
This box is almost new which is almost impossible to find one in this condition nowadays, I couldn't ask for better, marvelous!!! I had a real luck because most of the boxes have tear on corners wear ring etc. This one don't.
Cat.nº: UK

Official box sets:

For future item.

Official box sets: Man On The Edge 1995 single. Special archive box to store all the singles and X Factor Cd.Brings 5 post cards. UK pressing.

This box is a great edition although I really think it was not necessary 3 Cd's for the Man On The Edge single, specially because the tracks are almost the same from one Cd to another.
Man On The Edge single was released in 25/09/1995 and reached the number 10 in the UK top chart.
-The first Cd comes in a jewel case and brings a song not included on the Album called, Judgment Day, and ends with the first part of an interview to Blaze Bayley made by , at the time, Fan Club Headmaster, Keith Wilfort.
-The second Cd ( I'm going to say second Cd but I'm not quite sure if it is by this order) , comes again in a jewel case and its a Holland press, has two tracks not featured on the album called, Justice Of The Peace and Judgment Day.
-The third Cd comes in a great digipack edition, features Justice Of The peace and ends with Blaze Bayley interview part 2.The box comes with 5 colour promo postcards and has space to put all the 3 Man On The Edge singles plus the album and the second single Lord Of The Flies.

Cd1:Man On The Edge
The Edge Of Darkness.
Judgment Day
Blaze Bayley Interview part 1

Cd2:Man On the Edge
The Edge Of Darkness
Justice Of The Peace, not included on the album.
Judgment Day, not included on the album.

Cd3:Man On The Edge
The Edge Of Darkness.
Justice Of The Peace, not included on the album.
Blaze Bayley Interview part 2

-Cd1- cat.nº: UK CDEMS398
-Cd2-cat.nº: Holland 724388242523
-Cd3-cat.nº: UK CDEM 398

Official box sets: The History So Far part 1 and 2

Still waiting for purchase.

Official box sets: Best Of The Best 1996 Best Of Cd. Comes in a special cardboard box with a 56 page digibook. 27 tracks. UK pressing.

Spectacular this Cd box set for the 1996 Best Of called Best Of The Beast.
There's a lot of interest to have this one, it comes in a great box made from thick cardboard and inside there's a marvelous digibook with 56 pages full of great photos, album and single chart release and position, amazing Eddie artwork, "Strange World" and "Iron Maiden" from the Cambridge session ( where Sound House Tapes were recorded). The cd has 27 tracks, brings one original song called "Virus" and has also " Afraid To Shoot Strangers" live with Blaze in 1995. many reasons to have this piece of jewelry, go to Ebay and get yours at once, fantastic!!!!

Cat.nº: UK CDEMDX 1097

Official box sets:Best Of The Beast 1996 4 LP Best Of.Deluxe box with a great book.Brings the 4 songs from the SoundHouse Tapes session.UK press

Front sleeves, vinyl 1

Back sleeves, vinyl 1

Front sleeves, vinyl 2

Back sleeves, vinyl 2

Front sleeves, vinyl 3

Back sleeves, vinyl 3

Front sleeves, vinyl 4

Back sleeves, vinyl 4

This is the colossal 1996 Best Of The Beast 4 LP vinyl box set. In my modest opinion probably the best edition ever made for Maiden.
It has 8 sleeves, each vinyl comes with two sleeves with promo and live photos on front and back and also photos and Eddie artwork on the labels, a marvelous colour book, with all the tour dates, lyrics, pics, single and album discography, list of bands that toured with Maiden, list of bands that Maiden tour with , Eddie artwork, all this packed in a marvelous kind of archive cardboard box.There are many reasons to have this item. First, it brings all the original 4 Soundhouse Tapes songs, Prowler, Strange World, Iron Maiden and Invasion. Second , has a new song called Virus. Third, a live recording with Blaze for Afraid To Shoot Strangers, which is not included in any single. And finally, of course the obvious reasons, its a great item from our beloved band, GET ONE NOW!!!Its really tremendous, a must have item.Please see the photos.

Cat.nº: UK EMDX 1097

Official box sets: Eddies Head 1998 Cd box set.Re-edition of all the back catalog. All Cd's have multi media section. The Box has red flashing eyes.UK

In Profile Cd

In Profile Cd

Finally in 1998 all the Iron Maiden back catalog was re-released in a spectacular way.
All the Cd's has multi media section with video clips, biography, Eddie artwork, photo gallery etc. It was a tremendous work that they put on this edition. To store the Cd's they made a marvelous Eddie Head box, in plastic, with flashing red eyes, this works with two batteries.
I have to say also that along with all this came a Cd called, "In Profile". This Cd was first released as part of the EMI 1997 Centenary commemoration editions, and then in 1998 was included on this box. The Cd has several interviews and the Maiden history until 1997.

They also made some arrangements to some of the sleeves, Iron Maiden had some changes in Eddies face, hair and street background, The Number Of The beast was released with the original grey colours, and No Prayer For The Dying has also some alterations.
The 1993 live Cd's A Real Live One and Dead One were put in a double Cd and Donington 1992 had the honour of a proper sleeve with the Eddie artwork made to promote the Donington Monsters Of Rock 1992 festival posters.

If you look with attention the Cd's all put together they make a puzzle which is really the first Maiden artwork for the debut album.

All the digitally arrangements were made by the great and long time Maiden illustrator, Derek Riggs.

You might also want to see all this Cd's with more photos, please look at:

Special and many thanks to António Matos for making a trade with me, I bought him a Peter Gabriel DVD that cost me some 13 Euros and he gave me this box, thanks Tó!! YEAHHHH!!!!!

Cat.nº: In Profile Cd: UK CDINPROF 001

Official box sets: Eddies Archive 2002. Special metal box with 3 Cd's, shot glass and family tree. Numbered edition. UK pressing.

This was the super release for the year 2002.In this year they had been taking some rest after a tremendous well succeeded Brave New World tour 2000/2001, but plans were just been arranged for the next year, just to explain a new tour, because that's what Maiden is all about: a road band!
This edition brings some two cool Cd's, and the third one... still today I'm thinking on its propose.
The Beast Over Hammersmith is a fantastic show recorded live during the Beast On The Road 1982 world tour, the first ever live recording with new vocalist , Bruce Dickinson. The booklet of this Cd is a incomplete replica of the tour book.
The BBC archives is a marvelous Cd with some rare live recordings. On the disc one we have a live recording for the BBC radio Friday Rock Show on 14th, November 1979. Also on this Cd we have the Reading 28th August 1982 show that Maiden headlined for the first time. On the disc two of this Cd we have the performance at Reading festival in 23th August 1980, Maiden were special guests for UFO. Finally but not least an excerpt of the very first Donington appearance, 20th August 1988.
Third Cd is a piece of crap, with, again, the B sides until 1999. I don't understand this Cd, giving the fact that just the collectors were going to buy this box, why repeating again what they done in 1990 with the First Ten Years editions? I simply don't understand. Just a credit for the good artwork on this Cd.
All this came packed in a box with a shot glass and a piece of paper ( really imitating a medieval paper ), with the Maiden roots from the Gypsy's Kiss time until 2002. Brings also a metal ring.
Just a last word to say that the second edition has the same goods unless for the box interior which is in red, but its not numbered.
Have fun!!
Limited numbered edition nº: 32851
Cat.nº: UK 5412772