Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Official box sets: Best Of The Best 1996 Best Of Cd. Comes in a special cardboard box with a 56 page digibook. 27 tracks. UK pressing.

Spectacular this Cd box set for the 1996 Best Of called Best Of The Beast.
There's a lot of interest to have this one, it comes in a great box made from thick cardboard and inside there's a marvelous digibook with 56 pages full of great photos, album and single chart release and position, amazing Eddie artwork, "Strange World" and "Iron Maiden" from the Cambridge session ( where Sound House Tapes were recorded). The cd has 27 tracks, brings one original song called "Virus" and has also " Afraid To Shoot Strangers" live with Blaze in 1995. many reasons to have this piece of jewelry, go to Ebay and get yours at once, fantastic!!!!

Cat.nÂș: UK CDEMDX 1097