Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Official box sets:Best Of The Beast 1996 4 LP Best Of.Deluxe box with a great book.Brings the 4 songs from the SoundHouse Tapes session.UK press

Front sleeves, vinyl 1

Back sleeves, vinyl 1

Front sleeves, vinyl 2

Back sleeves, vinyl 2

Front sleeves, vinyl 3

Back sleeves, vinyl 3

Front sleeves, vinyl 4

Back sleeves, vinyl 4

This is the colossal 1996 Best Of The Beast 4 LP vinyl box set. In my modest opinion probably the best edition ever made for Maiden.
It has 8 sleeves, each vinyl comes with two sleeves with promo and live photos on front and back and also photos and Eddie artwork on the labels, a marvelous colour book, with all the tour dates, lyrics, pics, single and album discography, list of bands that toured with Maiden, list of bands that Maiden tour with , Eddie artwork, all this packed in a marvelous kind of archive cardboard box.There are many reasons to have this item. First, it brings all the original 4 Soundhouse Tapes songs, Prowler, Strange World, Iron Maiden and Invasion. Second , has a new song called Virus. Third, a live recording with Blaze for Afraid To Shoot Strangers, which is not included in any single. And finally, of course the obvious reasons, its a great item from our beloved band, GET ONE NOW!!!Its really tremendous, a must have item.Please see the photos.

Cat.nÂș: UK EMDX 1097