Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Official box sets: Man On The Edge 1995 single. Special archive box to store all the singles and X Factor Cd.Brings 5 post cards. UK pressing.

This box is a great edition although I really think it was not necessary 3 Cd's for the Man On The Edge single, specially because the tracks are almost the same from one Cd to another.
Man On The Edge single was released in 25/09/1995 and reached the number 10 in the UK top chart.
-The first Cd comes in a jewel case and brings a song not included on the Album called, Judgment Day, and ends with the first part of an interview to Blaze Bayley made by , at the time, Fan Club Headmaster, Keith Wilfort.
-The second Cd ( I'm going to say second Cd but I'm not quite sure if it is by this order) , comes again in a jewel case and its a Holland press, has two tracks not featured on the album called, Justice Of The Peace and Judgment Day.
-The third Cd comes in a great digipack edition, features Justice Of The peace and ends with Blaze Bayley interview part 2.The box comes with 5 colour promo postcards and has space to put all the 3 Man On The Edge singles plus the album and the second single Lord Of The Flies.

Cd1:Man On The Edge
The Edge Of Darkness.
Judgment Day
Blaze Bayley Interview part 1

Cd2:Man On the Edge
The Edge Of Darkness
Justice Of The Peace, not included on the album.
Judgment Day, not included on the album.

Cd3:Man On The Edge
The Edge Of Darkness.
Justice Of The Peace, not included on the album.
Blaze Bayley Interview part 2

-Cd1- cat.nº: UK CDEMS398
-Cd2-cat.nº: Holland 724388242523
-Cd3-cat.nº: UK CDEM 398