Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Official box sets: Eddies Archive 2002. Special metal box with 3 Cd's, shot glass and family tree. Numbered edition. UK pressing.

This was the super release for the year 2002.In this year they had been taking some rest after a tremendous well succeeded Brave New World tour 2000/2001, but plans were just been arranged for the next year, just to explain a new tour, because that's what Maiden is all about: a road band!
This edition brings some two cool Cd's, and the third one... still today I'm thinking on its propose.
The Beast Over Hammersmith is a fantastic show recorded live during the Beast On The Road 1982 world tour, the first ever live recording with new vocalist , Bruce Dickinson. The booklet of this Cd is a incomplete replica of the tour book.
The BBC archives is a marvelous Cd with some rare live recordings. On the disc one we have a live recording for the BBC radio Friday Rock Show on 14th, November 1979. Also on this Cd we have the Reading 28th August 1982 show that Maiden headlined for the first time. On the disc two of this Cd we have the performance at Reading festival in 23th August 1980, Maiden were special guests for UFO. Finally but not least an excerpt of the very first Donington appearance, 20th August 1988.
Third Cd is a piece of crap, with, again, the B sides until 1999. I don't understand this Cd, giving the fact that just the collectors were going to buy this box, why repeating again what they done in 1990 with the First Ten Years editions? I simply don't understand. Just a credit for the good artwork on this Cd.
All this came packed in a box with a shot glass and a piece of paper ( really imitating a medieval paper ), with the Maiden roots from the Gypsy's Kiss time until 2002. Brings also a metal ring.
Just a last word to say that the second edition has the same goods unless for the box interior which is in red, but its not numbered.
Have fun!!
Limited numbered edition nº: 32851
Cat.nº: UK 5412772