Saturday, 13 March 2010

How this fantastic blog works?

- First of all I want to tell you that the purpose of this blog is to show my modest collection in a way that you can see with maximum detail the different issues along thousands of photos, and of course learn with it.This is a blog so, we can't create sections like on a regular site. What I do is try to put each category in a single day so you guys can follow the items in chronological order. I also must create in advance extra posts for the future items, so the posts with the Eddie mask are just there for the future purchases.

-Bellow there's a post with an index of everything you can see on this blog, in that list you have in each category a link that will drive you directly to the day you want to see. Or, you can do it in another way which is: on the right side you have the posts by month, day and year, if you click on the month it will show you all the posts for each day of that particular month, you just have to look for the post index on the center and choose what category you want to see and go for it.

-When you reach the end of the page, look for the option, Older Posts, if its there is because there are more items on that day to see and you have to click in that option to continue the journey, if is not there, please feel free to choose another day to see.

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New items arrived

- Iron Maiden new box from Parlophone with first 3 albums.

What can I see in this marvelous blog? Find out bellow.

-February 9, 2008: Audio tapes. Link:

-February 28, 2008: Mini CD's. Link:

-March 1, 2008: My tickets. Link:

-March 2, 2008: My first Fan Club membership pack, Ed Hunter game and Maiden Canada 2000 re-issues CD's. Link:

-March 8, 2008: US vinyl replica CD's, complete set of 15 CD's. Link:

-March 11m, 2008: My video archive. Link:

-March 20, 2008: Official Fan Club magazines, bios and supplements. Link:

-April 8, 2008: Official Fan Club Christmas cards. Link:

-April 9, 2008: 7' promotional vinyls. Link:

-April 28, 2008: 2003 US slip case cardboard cover re-issues, complete set of 14 CD's. Link:

-May 13, 2008: Mini Discs, Best Of The Beast and Brave New World. Link:

-June 15, 2008: Promotional CD’s. Link:

-July 16, 2008: Tour books. Link:

-July 17, 2008: Books. Link:

-August 28, 2008: Official DVD’s. Link:

-August 29, 2008: Official t-shirts. Link:

-August 30, 2008: Official calendars. Link:

-August 31, 2008: Special magazines, 100% Maiden. Link:

-September 1, 2008: Picture and shaped discs. Link:

-September 2, 2008: 7’ collection. Link:

-September 3, 2008: 12’ collection. Link:

-September 4, 2008: 10’ collection. Link:

-September 5, 2008: LP collection. Link:

-September 6, 2008: Portuguese vinyls. Link:

-September 7, 2008: Japanese vinyls. Link:

-September 8, 2008: Japanese CD’s. Link:

-September 9, 2008: CD single. Link:

-September 10, 2008: Official box sets. Link:

- September 11, 2008: Promotional box sets. Still empty.

-September 12, 2008: CD album. Link:

- March 7, 2010: Bootleg CD. Link:

- March 8, 2010: Bootleg DVD. Link:

- March 9, 2010: Official VHS tapes. Link:

- March 10, 2010: Unofficial items. Link:

- March 11, 2010: Merchandise. Link:

- March 12, 2010: Rare vinyl, includes: The Sound House Tapes, Live After Death Peruvian edition in clear vinyl, Fear Of The Dark Live 12' inch Italian edition, Twilight Zone Dutch pressing with different colors, and many more... Link:

Friday, 12 March 2010

Rare vinyl: The Sound House Tapes. First ever Maiden pressing released in November 1979 by their own record label.3 Tracks.

The Sound House Tapes was the very first Iron Maiden pressing. Released on November 1979 under their own label called Rock Hard Records, a short while after they signed with EMI records. This vinyl was sold in the majority of the cases by mail order and some were also sold at the venues.
They made just 5.000 copies and each year its more difficult to get our hands in a perfect one, the prices are rising and rising!
Now, this vinyl has been a victim of several bootlegs over the years, here's all you need to check if its the real deal or not.
The sleeve is made in a 100% Orange, the back sleeve must be as you see on the pics. The vinyl is Black and only Black, the 3 songs must not fade, the label is not from a 100% Orange, its more a mixture of Red and Orange, the photos on the back must be in that order, the cut opening on the back sleeve must be as you see on the photos, in some bootlegs is much more short and cuts some photos, be careful with that. Also, the original copies brought a tiny sheet of paper with a merch insert, this is what is most difficult to say if is fake or not, but if your vinyl don't bring that don't worry, probably the previous owner trow it away and lost it. Finally here's the vinyl marks:

Side 1: *EG* SA ROK - 1 - A LYN 7627 - IT
Side 2: )*EG* SA ROK - 1 - B LYN 7628 - IT
Please note that both "LYN 7627/28 - IT" marks are very light.
Please also be aware of this: I was told by experienced Maiden collectors that some copies have the sequence of the vinyl marks in a different order because apparently this work was hand made at the factory and seems that in a lot of copies the sequence is different, don't worry, they are the real deal, my particular copy has this marks in a different sequence and its 100% official with no doubts.
One thing that has been said over the years is that the inside sleeve must be yellowed, this is a bunch of crap if you want my opinion, my copy is not yellowed and its 100% official, that depends a lot of the storage condition.
Track listing:
Side 1- Iron Maiden
Side 2- Invasion and Prowler

Rare vinyl: Ultra rare Live After Death Peruvian edition in clear vinyl with Black and White inner sheet.Released with this color just in this country.

Live After Death Peruvian clear edition is probably one of the most unseen and difficult to get Iron Maiden records. This was probably a promo edition or limited edition almost for sure since there are so few around. It was released in this color just in Peru and they don't come around very often complete with the lyric Black and White sheet. Please be careful when you buy one and see if this sheet is included, there's no use spending so much money in an incomplete copy.
The songs are exactly the same as in other editions and the color of the sleeve is really a bit different, you can't tell by the photos but it really is. This edition does not come with the 8 page special booklet.
Cat.nº: Peru 1985 - EE.02.0001

Rare vinyl: Ultra rare Italian Fear Of The Dark live 12' inch. Rleased in this format just in this country.

Fear Of The Dark Live 12' inch is also a very difficult vinyl to get our hands on. It was released in this format just in Italy, and this artwork, made by Derek Riggs, in 12' inch is absolutely brutal, you have to have one in your hands to understand.
On the back sleeve you have the April and May Real Live tour dates.
Track listing:
Side A: 1- Fear Of The Dark Live, recorded at The Ishallen, Helsinki, Finland, June 5Th, 1992.
2- Be Quick Or Be Dead, recorded live at Super Rock 92, Mannheim, Germany, August 15Th, 1992.
Side B: Hooks In You, recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, on December 17 Th, 1990.
Cat.nº: Italy 1993 - 724388050166

Rare vinyl: The Number Of The Beast 1982 Venezuela pressing in gatefold sleeve. Only country that released in this format.

Another great pressing from South America, in this case the Venezuela edition of Number Of The Beast in a special gatefold cover. This is a great item to have. Venezuela was the only country to release this album with this format. No inner sheet, the lyrics and credits are on the gatefold cover.
Cat.nº: Venezuela 1982 - EMI 103-04439

Rare vinyl: 1986 Somewhere in Time Promo Peruvian edition in gatefold sleeve. Only country that released in this format.

Somewhere In Time 1986 studio album had also a great edition in South America. It was made, a promo edition, if I'm not mistaken, in a special gatefold cover. I say that was probably a promo edition because in those days theY used to mark this promos with some 2 tiny holes in a particular corner of the sleeve, and this one has 2 tiny hones in the right down corner.
The songs are exactly the same as in other editions, no extras here. Also, there isn't a inner sheet, the lyrics and credits are on the gatefold cover.
Cat.nº: EMI Peru 1986 - GE.02.0034

Rare vinyl: Iron Maiden debut album 1997 EMI centenary anniversary edition. UK pressing.

In 1997, EMI, as part of their 100 birthday, re-released some records from their best selling acts of their catalog, in a special 180 grams vinyls.
Our boys were contemplated with Iron Maiden debut album and Number of the beast.
The covers are made from very tick cardboard and very shining, very beautiful. On the back there is the EMI 100 anniversary logo. Also has a sticker on the front sleeve. It was only pressed in UK.
Cat.nº: EMI UK - 1997 - 724382142812

Rare vinyl: Number Of The Beast 1997 EMI centenary anniversary UK pressing.Original Grey colors on the front sleeve.

As mentioned above, Number Of The Beast was also re-released in 1997 in a special 180 gram vinyl as part of EMI centenary anniversary editions.

This was a special one since they decided to release it with the original Grey colors on the front sleeve. Derek painted the front artwork with those colors but it was screwed up at the factory and ended up being released in bluish colors. It has also the 1997 EMI anniversary logo and a sticker on the front sleeve. Its also made from very tick and shining cardboard.

Cat.nº: EMI UK - 1997 - 724385566912

Rare vinyl:

Rare vinyl: Twilight Zone 1981 7' inch Dutch pressing with different back cover and colors.

Twilight Zone Dutch pressing is also a great and must item to have in our collection. Was released in this country with completely different colors on the front sleeve, and also a completely different back sleeve with just the song titles. The songs are exactly the same as in other editions. It has also some Holland April tour dates.
Be aware that there is also a super rare Spanish edition with different colors and song tittles in Spanish.
Track listing:
Side A: Twilight Zone studio album.
Side B: Wrathchild studio album.
Cat.nº: EMI Holland 1982 - 1 A 006-07462

Rare vinyl: Infinite dreams uncut shaped picture disc. Year: 1989.

Uncut shaped picture discs are also a phenomenal items to have in our collection. Guys, this is so beautiful.

My copy was bought in a hot 2006 late Summer afternoon and by a reasonable price, some 75 Euros with shipping included, how coll is that?!

Nowadays is much more difficult to have and much more expensive.

This can be a promo vinyl or just a copy that was not cut to a shaped disc, its one of both. It has the very same tracks of the shaped and has no tracking number since it was not cuted.

Track listing:

Side one: Infinite Dreams recorded live at Birmingham NEC Arena on November 27Th and 28Th, 1988.

Side two: Killers, also recorded live at this venue.

Rare vinyl:

Rare vinyl:

Rare vinyl: