Saturday, 13 March 2010

How this fantastic blog works?

- First of all I want to tell you that the purpose of this blog is to show my modest collection in a way that you can see with maximum detail the different issues along thousands of photos, and of course learn with it.This is a blog so, we can't create sections like on a regular site. What I do is try to put each category in a single day so you guys can follow the items in chronological order. I also must create in advance extra posts for the future items, so the posts with the Eddie mask are just there for the future purchases.

-Bellow there's a post with an index of everything you can see on this blog, in that list you have in each category a link that will drive you directly to the day you want to see. Or, you can do it in another way which is: on the right side you have the posts by month, day and year, if you click on the month it will show you all the posts for each day of that particular month, you just have to look for the post index on the center and choose what category you want to see and go for it.

-When you reach the end of the page, look for the option, Older Posts, if its there is because there are more items on that day to see and you have to click in that option to continue the journey, if is not there, please feel free to choose another day to see.

-By clicking on the photo you will be able to enlarge it and see much more closely.

- You have my e-mail , so you can send me your ideas, I will be glad to respond.