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Official VHS tapes: a brief introduction

Nowadays we can say that this is a real Jurassic piece of collection, even so I will not sell them, they are a bit of history. I don't have all the VHS tapes,Video Pieces who has just 4 video clips, From Here To Eternity who has just a 3 or 4 video clips update from the First Ten Years edition, Rock In Rio and Visions Of The Beast for the obvious reasons, they were released in DVD so I didn't bought the VHS tapes, it would be a total waste of time and money.
This tapes were bought before the DVD came on. All this video footage is being included on the Iron Maiden story DVD series.

Official VHS tapes: Live At The Rainbow 1980. First ever Maiden video.

This was the very first Iron Maiden video recording. Was filmed at Rainbow Theatre, London, on December 21 ST 1980.
This show was a charity gig that the boys made to raise some funds, and also included on a series of shows that Maiden put on after the departure of Denis Stratton, so that Adrian Smith could have a proper warm up.Unfortunately it was released with just 30 minutes due to some lighting problems, in fact the boys repeated some songs because of this problem.
Track listing:
1- Intro: The Ides Of March ( with some backstage footage )
2- Wrathchild
3- Killers
4- Remember Tomorrow
5- Transylvania
6- Phantom Of The Opera
7- Iron Maiden

Cat.nº: UK VCI MC2143

Official VHS tapes: Behind The Iron Curtain EP video, 1985.

This was a documentary that the band decided to make during the infamous World Slavery Tour 1984/85. The recording focused only on the shows that the boys made in Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia.In 1985 this was released in a 35 minutes VHS tape and some of the live footage was substituted by video clips. Very sad because now we know that this had almost an hour, but he can rest because its included on the recent DVD release Live After Death.
Track listing:
1- Aces High promo video
2- Hallowed Be Thy Name live
3- 2 Minutes To Midnight promo video
4- Run To The Hills live
Cat.nº: UK PMI-MVR 9900392

Official VHS tapes: Live After Death 1985.

This was show recorded at Long Beach Arena in 4 nights, 14-18Th March 1985.Tremendous show along 13 songs where we can see the power of the songs and the great stage production.
Track listing:
1- Intro: Churchill speech
2- Aces High
3- 2 Minutes To Midnight
4- The Trooper
5- Revelations
6- Flight Of Icarus
7- Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
8- Powerslave
9- The Number Of The Beast
10- Hallowed Be Thy Name
11- Iron Maiden
12- Run To The Hills
13- Running Free
14- Sanctuary
Cat.nº: UK PMI-MVN 9910942

Official VHS tapes: 12 Wasted Years. Second Maiden documentary with rare footage.

This was the second documentary Maiden did back in 1987 with rare footage from the Somewhere In Time World Tour 1986/87. We can see many songs live from Hammersmith Odeon in 1982, some from the Dortmund festival in 1983 and at Long Beach Arena 1985 and Ruskin Arms pub in 1980. It has also interviews with past and present band members, management, and other key figures in the Maiden history like Neal Kay, the heavy metal DJ of the Bandwagon rock club in London.
In this documentary there's also a rare footage of Adrian Smith in is Urchain times playing "She's A Roller" in a London pub, very interesting mates.
Track listing:
1- Stranger In A Strange land promo video
2- Charlotte The Harlot live at Ruskin Arms 1980
3- Running Free live at Top Of The Tops TV show
4- Women In Uniform promo video
5- Murders In The Rue Morgue live at Hamersmith Odeon 1982
6- Children Of The Damned live at Hamersimth Odeon 1982
7- The Number Of The Beast live at Hamersmith Odeon 1982
8- Total Eclipse live at Hamersmith Odeon 1982
9- Iron Maiden live at Dortmund festival 1983
10- Sanctuary live at Hamersmith Odeon 1982
11- The Prisoner live at Hamersmith Odeon 1982
12- 22 Acacia Avenue live at Dortmund festival 1983
13- Wasted Years live in a German TV show
14- The Trooper live at Long Beach Arena 1985
Plus excerpts from:
Phantom Of The Opera
She's a Roller
Caught Somewhere In Time
Run To The Hills
Cat.nº: UK PMI-MVN 9911522

Official VHS tapes: Maiden England, special edition with extra CD.

This is a show recorded at Birmingham NEC Arena back on November 1988, part of the Seventh Son World tour 1988.Was released in 1989 and then in 1994 PMI re-released it again as part of the Sound And Vision series, with a bonus Cd of the show . The CD doesn't has Can I Play With Madness and Hallowed Be Thy Name tracks due to lack of space reasons.
Track listing:
1- Moonchild
2- The Evil That Men Do
3- Prisoner
4- Still Life
5- Die With Your Boots On
6- Infinite Dreams
7- Killers
8- Can I Play With Madness
9- Heaven Can Wait
10- Wasted Years
11- The Clairvoyant
12- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
13- The Number Of The Beast
14- Hallowed Be Thy Name
15- Iron Maiden

Cat.nº: UK PMI 724349131033

Official VHS tapes: The First Ten Years. Compilation with all Maiden video clips.

Compilation of all the video clips since 1980 until 1990.
Track listing:
1- Women In Uniform
2- Wrathchild ( Live At The Rainbow 1980 )
3- Run To The Hills
4- The Number Of The Beast
5- Flight Of Icarus
6- The Trooper
7- 2 Minutes To Midnight
8- Aces High
9- Running Free ( live at Long Beach Arena 1985 )
10- Wasted Years
11- Stranger In A Strange Land
12- Can I Play With Madness
13- The Evil That Men Do
14- The Clairvoyant
15- Infinite Dreams ( Live at Birmingham NEC Arena 1988 )
16- Holy Smoke
Cat.nº: UK PMI-MVN 9912463

Official VHS tapes: Live At Donington, UK, 22 August 1992.

Live recording of the second time that Maiden headlined the famous UK festival on 22 August, 1992. They added to the Donington footage, scenes from the Real Live One tour 1993 and also, probably, from the Fear Of The Dark tour, in black and white, so, you can also see stuff from the shows of those tours.

Track listing:

1- Be Quick Or Be Dead
2- The Number Of The Beast
3- Wrathchild
4- From Here To Eternity
5- Can I Play With Madness
6- Wasting Love
7- Tailgunner
8- The Evil That Men Do
9- Afraid To Shoot Strangers
10- Fear Of The Dark
11- Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter
12- The Clairvoyant
13- Heaven Can Wait
14- Run To The Hills
15- 2 Minutes To Midnight
16- Iron Maiden
17- Hallowed Be Thy Name
18- The Trooper
19- Sanctuary
20- Running Free ( featuring Mr. Adrian Smith )

Cat.nº: UK PMI 724349115637

Official VHS tapes: Raising Hell 1993. Last show with Bruce.

Last show, at the time, with Bruce Dickinson. Recorded on August 28Th 1993 at Pinewood Studios in London, the audience consisted mostly in fan club members that went there through a competition.In this show Maiden decided to do something original and hired the horror illusionist, Simon Drake, to do some stuff, its really fun, and the guy makes it with a lot of humor, eheheh...you lot have to see it.

Track listing:

1- Be Quick Or Be Dead
2- The Trooper
3- The Evil That Men Do
4- The Clairvoyant
5- Hallowed Be Thy Name
6- Wrathchild
7- Transylvania
8- From Here To Eternity
9- Fear Of The Dark
10- The Number Of The Beast
11- Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter
12- 2 Minutes To Midnight
13- Afraid To Shoot Strangers
14- Heaven Can Wait
15- Sanctuary
16- Run To The Hills
17- Iron Maiden

Cat.nº: UK SEG-PMI 724349126435

Official VHS tapes:

Official VHS tapes: