Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Official VHS tapes: Live At The Rainbow 1980. First ever Maiden video.

This was the very first Iron Maiden video recording. Was filmed at Rainbow Theatre, London, on December 21 ST 1980.
This show was a charity gig that the boys made to raise some funds, and also included on a series of shows that Maiden put on after the departure of Denis Stratton, so that Adrian Smith could have a proper warm up.Unfortunately it was released with just 30 minutes due to some lighting problems, in fact the boys repeated some songs because of this problem.
Track listing:
1- Intro: The Ides Of March ( with some backstage footage )
2- Wrathchild
3- Killers
4- Remember Tomorrow
5- Transylvania
6- Phantom Of The Opera
7- Iron Maiden

Cat.nÂș: UK VCI MC2143