Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: a brief introduction.

Books are other favourite ( aren't they all, eeheheeh!!!) part of my collection.I try to have just the interesting ones, not all. I just want to have the ones that I can read or if I can't read them at least they can bring some nice photos, otherwise there is no reason to have them. Why have books in Russian, German, Hungary, Swedish, if I can't understand a word? Just to say: OK, I have this one, next!!! No thanks, that's not my attitude. The ones you are going to see are very funny and interesting, right now I have 21.They are not listed by chronological order but that is not necessary too, I listed the most rare ones first, on the top. See the photos, read the description please and enjoy the ride.


Books: Running Free, first and official bio released in 1984. Authors: Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin. Published by Zomba Books.

In 1984 it was time to release a biography. Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin were the responsible for this fantastic journey of Iron Maiden story through words and marvelous photos. It has 129 pages.This copy was the first pressing in1984. In 1985 it was re-released with the Live After Death artwork and in 1986 with the Somewhere In Time sleeve. The good on this two following re-editions is that they bring an 14 pages update dedicated to the World Slavery Tour 1984/85 with all the tour dates, a bit more of text and spectacular photos from that legendary tour. My particular copy is like new and it was a true bargain, $28.00 with postage included, yes!!!!
ISBN NÂș: 0946391505

Books: Running Free, first and official bio. Update released in 1985. Authors: Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin. Published by Zomba Books.

In 1985 they re-released the Running free biography with the Live After Death artwork, a 14 pages update with more photos from the enormous World Slavery Tour, some text and all the tour dates. It has 143 pages.

ISBN: 094639184 X

Books: Esplode La Febbre Dell' Heavy Metal. Author: P.G. Brunelli. Italian non official bio from 1986. 100 pages colour and black and white.

Great addition to my book collection, a very rare brochure and a true bargain, cost me 26 Euros with shipping costs, on Ebay.
Basically its the Maiden history written in 1986 by Italian photo journalist P.G. Brunelli. It has loads of cool photos , some of them very known and others I didn't knew so it was a very good surprise. The photos are in colour and black and white and has 100 pages.The format of the book is in pocket size, very cool.
Released by Big Parade.

Books: La Historia Completa De Una Leyenda. Author: Walter Martin. Published in Argentina by Magendra. Year: 1992. 100 pages.

La Historia Completa De Una Leyenda was written by Walter Martin and released by Editorial Magendra, S.A. not in Spain as Marco Gamba and Nicola Visintini said in their book, Companion, but in Argentina on the year 1992.
Very interesting book which consists on the maiden history with some very nice photos all black and white. Its in a pocket size format with 100 pages. Part of a collection called Platinum . This particular issue is number 8.

ISBN: 987-99198-0-7 Argentina 1992

Books: USA Heavy Tour. Non official Italian bio released in 1988. Author:Francesco Adinolfi. 84 pages.

Very nice and super rare book released in Italy written by Francesco Adinolfi and called USA heavy Tour 1988. Its an interview to Bruce made in the states during the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son USA leg of the tour.It comes with some nice photos, the text is very difficult to understand, its in Italian, some things I understand, mostly don't. But its well worth for a couple of cool photos.I bought this copy on Ebay to a Italian seller and I forced him to end the auction earlier and sell it directly to me, eheeheh!!!. I made that because once I loose this book in auction and actually ended in some $50.00, my copy cost $40.00 with postage ,or something close to this.

Books: Best Of The Beast 1996.

As you guys all know this marvelous Best Of The Beast book was not commercial released separately from the vinyls ( although it was available through the official Fan Club ), but, its a book and has is part on this collection.
Its really a great fun watch and read it, it brings loads and loads of cool photos, Eddie artwork, tour notes, album and single chart position, bands that toured with Maiden, bands that maiden tour with etc along 46 pages. See the images or better, buy the fantastic 4 LP box set, you will not regret!!

Books: Non Official Greek Bio published in 1986. 114 pages.

Very funny and very collectible this Greek biography released in 1986. The size is rectangular, very unusual. I can't read a word but has some rare black and white and very known colour photos. It has 114 pages all written in Greek. Biography, discography, lyrics, all in Greek.

Books: Japanese Heavy Metal Photo Book. Year: 1984. Published by Shinko Music Pub. Ltd. 100 pages colour and black and white.

WOW!! Is most what I can say about this beauty. Its a Japanese book called Heavy Metal Photo Book, part of a collection dedicated to several artists, this particular issue is the volume number 8. Released in 1984, is a photo biography full of loads and loads of spectacular photos, black and white and colour, along 100 pages. On the end there is the Maiden history written by Chris Welch, the text is in Japanese of course. It covers Maiden career since 1980 to 1983.See to believe it!!
ISBN: 4-401-62080-1 Japan

Books: Images Du Rock. Author: Juan A.Fabian. Year: 1996. Published by Editorial La Mascara. 66 pages colour and black and white. French edition.

This book was originally released in Spain in 1996 by Editorial La Mascara in 1996 and written by Juan A. Fabian with the name of Imagenes Del Rock.This is the French edition called , Images Du Rock. There is also a Portuguese edition, Imagens Do Rock. It was a collection dedicated to several artists and this is the issue number 19.The book has 66 pages with loads of cool photos but unfortunately 99.9% taken from Ross Halfin Book What Are We Doing This For? 1988.
For the ones who have Ross book the photos on this one are very well known. Still, the quality of the paper and the design makes it a very interesting item.

ISBN:84-7974-527-4 Spain

Books: What Are We Doing This For? UK pressing.

Awaiting for purchase.

Books: What Are We Doing This For? Author: Ross Halfin. Year: 1988. Published by Zomba Books. 138 pages colour and black and white. Japanese edition.

This was the first Ross Halfin book dedicated to our boys. It was released in 1988 and received the name of "What Are We Doing This For?". This name came from Nicko Macbrain, on the photo shooting session for this book, Nicko asked Ross this: "hey Ross, what Are We Doing This For?" And so it was called like that, eheeheh!!!It is full of splendid photos mostly dedicated to the Somewhere In Time World Tour 1986/87. It has also photos from early days times and from Powerslave tour. I advise this book to anyone, not only Maiden collectors but also to people who like to see photos from rock bands, its marvelous!!My particular copy is the Japanese edition which comes in a slightly different cover, but the inside is the same, it has also Japanese text. The UK press has an Eddie artwork on it. 138 pages full of colour and black and white photos.
ISBN: 0946391653

Books: Iron Maiden, The Photographs. Author: Ross Halfin. Year: 2006. Published by Omnibus Press.259 pages colour and black and white.

WOW!!! Again!!! This was the long awaited new Ross Halfin book dedicated to Maiden released in 2006. A spectacular compilation of marvelous photos, black and white and colour along 259 pages. It covers the Maiden career since 1980 until 2004. A must have item, see the photos please!

ISBN: 978-1-84609-445-3