Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: El Viaje De La Donzela. Spanish book written by César Fuentes Rodrígues in 2005. 146 pages. Published by Quarentena Ediciones.

Just another book but an interesting read. Its called ,El Viage De La Doncella ( translation:the Iron Maiden Voyage), written by César Fuentes Rodríguez, a music journalist. This guy is from Argentina and has another book dedicated to Maiden which I think is called , Los Anos De La Bestia 1993 ( translation:the years of the beast).This particular book that I'm talking here was released in 2005 and I bought it in a second hand record shop in Barcelona, 12/2006 , when I went there to see our boys live, great gig I have to say, and it cost me 12.90 Euros, eheheh!! On Ebay is 40 Euros, eheheehh!!!It brings some photos , a couple of them are with the author of this book with Maiden through the years on meetings and interview sessions probably.The book has 146 pages.

ISBN: 849338912-9