Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: What Are We Doing This For? Author: Ross Halfin. Year: 1988. Published by Zomba Books. 138 pages colour and black and white. Japanese edition.

This was the first Ross Halfin book dedicated to our boys. It was released in 1988 and received the name of "What Are We Doing This For?". This name came from Nicko Macbrain, on the photo shooting session for this book, Nicko asked Ross this: "hey Ross, what Are We Doing This For?" And so it was called like that, eheeheh!!!It is full of splendid photos mostly dedicated to the Somewhere In Time World Tour 1986/87. It has also photos from early days times and from Powerslave tour. I advise this book to anyone, not only Maiden collectors but also to people who like to see photos from rock bands, its marvelous!!My particular copy is the Japanese edition which comes in a slightly different cover, but the inside is the same, it has also Japanese text. The UK press has an Eddie artwork on it. 138 pages full of colour and black and white photos.
ISBN: 0946391653