Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: USA Heavy Tour. Non official Italian bio released in 1988. Author:Francesco Adinolfi. 84 pages.

Very nice and super rare book released in Italy written by Francesco Adinolfi and called USA heavy Tour 1988. Its an interview to Bruce made in the states during the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son USA leg of the tour.It comes with some nice photos, the text is very difficult to understand, its in Italian, some things I understand, mostly don't. But its well worth for a couple of cool photos.I bought this copy on Ebay to a Italian seller and I forced him to end the auction earlier and sell it directly to me, eheeheh!!!. I made that because once I loose this book in auction and actually ended in some $50.00, my copy cost $40.00 with postage ,or something close to this.