Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: Run For Cover, The Art Of Derek Riggs. Year: 2006. Aardvark Publishing. 182 pages all colour.

Here it is, Run For Cover,the 2006 book from Derek Riggs, the person responsible for the Eddie paintings since 1980 until now. I say until now because in between he made several stuff ( not many ) for Maiden like the Eddie cloud on Brave New World 2000 album, and before he made the Clansman Eddie, the 12' Virus sleeve, Angel Angel And The Gambler etc.
The book has 182 wonderful colour pages, the design is so beautiful, and has almost every Eddie that Derek painted. Also brings some works that Derek made for other artists. Along the book he explains how he came up with the ideas, the constant problems with the printing colours on the factory, like The Number Of The Beast artwork that came up with a blue sky instead of grey.The sleeve is a new Eddie, and I think we can still dream that one day Derek will be responsible again for the Maiden paintings, only this guy knows how to do Eddie. Buy this book guys , you won't be disappointed!!

ISBN: 1-4276-0538-6