Thursday, 17 July 2008

Books: Running Free, first and official bio released in 1984. Authors: Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin. Published by Zomba Books.

In 1984 it was time to release a biography. Garry Bushell and Ross Halfin were the responsible for this fantastic journey of Iron Maiden story through words and marvelous photos. It has 129 pages.This copy was the first pressing in1984. In 1985 it was re-released with the Live After Death artwork and in 1986 with the Somewhere In Time sleeve. The good on this two following re-editions is that they bring an 14 pages update dedicated to the World Slavery Tour 1984/85 with all the tour dates, a bit more of text and spectacular photos from that legendary tour. My particular copy is like new and it was a true bargain, $28.00 with postage included, yes!!!!
ISBN NÂș: 0946391505