Friday, 12 March 2010

Rare vinyl: Infinite dreams uncut shaped picture disc. Year: 1989.

Uncut shaped picture discs are also a phenomenal items to have in our collection. Guys, this is so beautiful.

My copy was bought in a hot 2006 late Summer afternoon and by a reasonable price, some 75 Euros with shipping included, how coll is that?!

Nowadays is much more difficult to have and much more expensive.

This can be a promo vinyl or just a copy that was not cut to a shaped disc, its one of both. It has the very same tracks of the shaped and has no tracking number since it was not cuted.

Track listing:

Side one: Infinite Dreams recorded live at Birmingham NEC Arena on November 27Th and 28Th, 1988.

Side two: Killers, also recorded live at this venue.