Friday, 12 March 2010

Rare vinyl: The Sound House Tapes. First ever Maiden pressing released in November 1979 by their own record label.3 Tracks.

The Sound House Tapes was the very first Iron Maiden pressing. Released on November 1979 under their own label called Rock Hard Records, a short while after they signed with EMI records. This vinyl was sold in the majority of the cases by mail order and some were also sold at the venues.
They made just 5.000 copies and each year its more difficult to get our hands in a perfect one, the prices are rising and rising!
Now, this vinyl has been a victim of several bootlegs over the years, here's all you need to check if its the real deal or not.
The sleeve is made in a 100% Orange, the back sleeve must be as you see on the pics. The vinyl is Black and only Black, the 3 songs must not fade, the label is not from a 100% Orange, its more a mixture of Red and Orange, the photos on the back must be in that order, the cut opening on the back sleeve must be as you see on the photos, in some bootlegs is much more short and cuts some photos, be careful with that. Also, the original copies brought a tiny sheet of paper with a merch insert, this is what is most difficult to say if is fake or not, but if your vinyl don't bring that don't worry, probably the previous owner trow it away and lost it. Finally here's the vinyl marks:

Side 1: *EG* SA ROK - 1 - A LYN 7627 - IT
Side 2: )*EG* SA ROK - 1 - B LYN 7628 - IT
Please note that both "LYN 7627/28 - IT" marks are very light.
Please also be aware of this: I was told by experienced Maiden collectors that some copies have the sequence of the vinyl marks in a different order because apparently this work was hand made at the factory and seems that in a lot of copies the sequence is different, don't worry, they are the real deal, my particular copy has this marks in a different sequence and its 100% official with no doubts.
One thing that has been said over the years is that the inside sleeve must be yellowed, this is a bunch of crap if you want my opinion, my copy is not yellowed and its 100% official, that depends a lot of the storage condition.
Track listing:
Side 1- Iron Maiden
Side 2- Invasion and Prowler