Friday, 12 March 2010

Rare vinyl: Ultra rare Italian Fear Of The Dark live 12' inch. Rleased in this format just in this country.

Fear Of The Dark Live 12' inch is also a very difficult vinyl to get our hands on. It was released in this format just in Italy, and this artwork, made by Derek Riggs, in 12' inch is absolutely brutal, you have to have one in your hands to understand.
On the back sleeve you have the April and May Real Live tour dates.
Track listing:
Side A: 1- Fear Of The Dark Live, recorded at The Ishallen, Helsinki, Finland, June 5Th, 1992.
2- Be Quick Or Be Dead, recorded live at Super Rock 92, Mannheim, Germany, August 15Th, 1992.
Side B: Hooks In You, recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, on December 17 Th, 1990.
Cat.nÂș: Italy 1993 - 724388050166