Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Official box sets: Eddies Head 1998 Cd box set.Re-edition of all the back catalog. All Cd's have multi media section. The Box has red flashing eyes.UK

In Profile Cd

In Profile Cd

Finally in 1998 all the Iron Maiden back catalog was re-released in a spectacular way.
All the Cd's has multi media section with video clips, biography, Eddie artwork, photo gallery etc. It was a tremendous work that they put on this edition. To store the Cd's they made a marvelous Eddie Head box, in plastic, with flashing red eyes, this works with two batteries.
I have to say also that along with all this came a Cd called, "In Profile". This Cd was first released as part of the EMI 1997 Centenary commemoration editions, and then in 1998 was included on this box. The Cd has several interviews and the Maiden history until 1997.

They also made some arrangements to some of the sleeves, Iron Maiden had some changes in Eddies face, hair and street background, The Number Of The beast was released with the original grey colours, and No Prayer For The Dying has also some alterations.
The 1993 live Cd's A Real Live One and Dead One were put in a double Cd and Donington 1992 had the honour of a proper sleeve with the Eddie artwork made to promote the Donington Monsters Of Rock 1992 festival posters.

If you look with attention the Cd's all put together they make a puzzle which is really the first Maiden artwork for the debut album.

All the digitally arrangements were made by the great and long time Maiden illustrator, Derek Riggs.

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Special and many thanks to António Matos for making a trade with me, I bought him a Peter Gabriel DVD that cost me some 13 Euros and he gave me this box, thanks Tó!! YEAHHHH!!!!!

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