Sunday, 15 June 2008

Promotional Cd's: 17 Numbers Of the Beast 2002 USA promo Cd released by Sanctuary and Metal Is. Card sleeve, 17 tracks.

Promo Cd released in 2002 by Sanctuary and Metal Is in the States to announce that the Iron Maiden back catalog was available through Columbia Records for the first time. It has tracks since SoundHouse Tapes until Rock In Rio 2001.
The name of the Cd is "17 Numbers Of The Beast" and features 17 tracks.
As you guys can see its a wonderful and very original sleeve made by Hugh Gilmour, its all the Eddie heads, since Iron Maiden until Virtual XI album,inside a bottle on a shelf, very funny, eheheh!! In my opinion is one of the coolest promo Cd's and is well worth to have it.

Cat.nÂș: CSK 56740