Sunday, 15 June 2008

Promotional Cd's: The Fugitive 1992 USA promo Cd. Has 20 minute interview with Bruce plus 2 tracks.

This fantastic USA promotional Cd, in my opinion is the best of all ever made. The sleeve has so many and funny details, there is even a reference of the battle of Hastings that the Brits lost for the French's in 1066. You must read it with attention and have a good fun and laugh with it. The cd itself is funny 'cause it has 2 guys running, probably from Eddie, eehehh!! Also, a great black and white promo photo with the band.
Tracks are: "The Fugitive" and "Roll Over Vic Vella", which I think is a conversation between Steve and long time friend and roadie since the start, Vic Vella. It was this guy that used to drive the boys on the first Iron Maiden tour van, The Green Goddess ( that was the name of the van) on the early days, 1977 until 1979. The CD ends with a great and very interesting interview with Bruce Dickinson along 20 minutes.Its funny that Iron Maiden since 1990, don't sell much in the States, but it is there where they produce the best promo Cd's, sometimes they are much better than the single releases.See the pictures and enjoy it!

Cat.nÂș: ESK 4648 Epic