Sunday, 2 March 2008

Maiden Canada 2000 re-editions.

On the year 2000, EMI Canada decided to re-release some Maiden albums: Iron Maiden, Number Of the Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time,Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Fear Of The Dark and Brave New World. All this re-editions are the same as the 1998 ones, the same booklet, artwork etc, BUT, they put an extra that was a cardboard cover with Eddie as the Canadian mountain police man ( this artwork was made originally for the Powerslave tour 1984/85). Apparently they didn't ask permission, the Canada police authorities didn't like the joke, and EMI had to cancel this editions. Now, they worth a fortune, on Ebay you have to be prepared to give more than $100.00 if you want just ONE!!!
I don't know why just this seven Cd's were released, probably were the biggest selling albums in Canada, I don't know for sure.
What you are seeing here is just the cardboard cover I bough from a Ebay seller and cost me some $20.00, I would never give a fortune for such nonsense item because the Cd's itself are really the same as the 1998 re-issues.
All the cardboard sleeves has the same artwork, just the photo of the album changes, obviously.
The Brave New World Cd doesn't bring multi media stuff.
Cat.nÂș: Powerslave / Canada 72434969200