Wednesday, 9 April 2008

7' Promo vinyls: 1992 Wasting Love Spanish with different cover we are used to see.

Guys, I received while ago this amazing item. Its a Spanish promo vinyl for the Wasting Love song, made , produced and sent to radio stations just in Spain.
Now, you probably are thinking, hum...this is not the one I'm used to see on Ebay, right? RIGHT!!! For the ones who don't know there are two different versions of this amazing promo vinyl, the most common one is the one with just the white sleeve, the vinyl is the same on both editions, no more no less. But to ad some spice they made this one with a postcard on the sleeve, and on the back is a white sheet also glued with this writings: "Wasting Love, secret tour -93".
Also on the sleeve there is a promo stamp ( you can't see it because they glued the white sheet to the vinyl sleeve) that says in Spanish: "Disco promotional, muestra no vendible".
The song plays on both sides and apart of the names of the boys, Martin Birch, the title track and name of the band all the writings are in Spanish.
Adding this postcard on the sleeve we don't fell so naked when we have it in our hands, eheheheh!!! We almost feel that is a real single, it isn't boys and girls, its a promo vinyl, Wasting Love was released officially just in Cd, Holland press.
To confirm all this that I'm saying you can go the this amazing Iron Maiden site: , enter on the site, click on promo vinyls , look for Wasting Love promo, and on the bottom of the page you can confirm all this, I'm not insane or senile you know, eheheeh!!!
The vinyl marks are: 006 1225707 - A+ B IN3 DOPOP
Now, boys and girls, did you understand all this? If you didn't well 'kin bad!!!!
I'm off, turilou!!!