Monday, 28 April 2008

US 2003 slip case cardboard re-issues. Released just in the USA by Sanctuary and Metal Is.Complete set of 14 Cd's.

This editions were released in 2003 just in the States by Sanctuary and Metal Is. The extra here basically its just a cardboard over cover with nothing extra, just the Metal Is and Sanctuary logo. The Cd's, songs, artwork and booklets are the same as the 1998 and 2002 vinyl replica editions, no more no less, apart to the fact that they also included X Factor and Virtual XI ( they did the same on the vinyl replica Cd's). X Factor and Virtual XI don't have multi media section.
For a box and digipack maniac like me this is a great package, I love this stuff.


Iron Maiden: CK 86207
Killers: CK 86209
Number Of The Beast: CK 86210
Piece Of Mind: CK 86211
Powerslave: CK 86212
Live After Death: CK 86213
Somewhere In Time: CK 86214
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son: CK 86215
No Prayer For The Dying: CK 86216
Fear Of The Dark: 86217
Donington 1992: CK 86222
A Real Live Dead One: CK 86219
The X Factor: CK 86223
Virtual XI: CK 86317