Thursday, 28 August 2008

Official DVD's: Flight 666 movie documentary plus bonus disc with 17 live recordings. Deluxe edition in book format. Year: 2009. Europe pressing.

This is the deluxe DVD edition of the movie documentary Flight 666.
Its really kinda of imitating a book with 29 pages with great photos from the first leg of the tour I believe taken by John McMurtrie.
Its a double disc, in one disc you have the movie, on the other you have the live filming's.
Flight 666 received the SXW award early this year ( 2009) in USA.
For the ones who didn't see it in the cinema, and if you are expecting a movie with complete songs and just a bit of interviews, this is not for you. Flight 666 is really a documentary where you can see all band members, crew, music producer, manager and Steve Harris sons being interviewed.
Its great, the live show is phenomenal. After each song the screen gets black and you have the indication where the next song was filmed, but the songs don't fade like on the audio releases wich is fantastic.On the beginning of each song we have a bit of footage from that particular country.
This movie was made by Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen along with the celebrated Banger Films team who were responsible for the award winning documentaries: "Metal, A Headbangers Story" and "Global Metal".
The last three photos that you see here are not from anything included on this DVD, its a promotional card I bought on Ebay and they are imitating a British passport, this was made to promote all the Flight 666 releases.This cards were put in each seat in some cinemas in England. Its a great piece of memorabilia.
This DVD edition is really one of the best maiden releases in this years, I'm just sad that each photo is also on the vinyl, so we don't have here anything extra.
The soundtrack has 16 songs plus intro filmed in 16 different cities, wich are:

1- Churchill's speech
Filmed at Mumbai, Palace Grounds, India, February 1, 2008
2- Aces High
Filmed at Mumbai, Palace Grounds, India, February 1,2008
3- 2 Minutes To Midnight
Filmed at Rod Layer Arena/Melbourne, Australia, February 7, 2008
Filmed at Acer Arena/Sydney, Australia, February 9, 2008
5- The Trooper
Filmed at Tokyo Messe Hall/Japan, February 16, 2008
6- Wasted Years
Filmed at Arena Monterrey/ Mexico, February 22, 2008
7- The Number Of The Beast
Filmed at The Forum/Los Angeles,USA, February 19, 2008
8- Can I Play With Madness
Filmed at Foro Sol/ Mexico City/Mexico, February 24, 2008
9- The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Filmed at Izod Center/New Jersey/USA, March 14, 2008
10- Powerslave
Filmed at Saprissa Stadium/San Jose/Costa Rica, February 26, 2008
11- Heaven Can Wait
Filmed at Palmeiras Stadium/São Paulo/Brazil, March 2, 2008
12- Run To The Hills
Filmed at Simon Bolivar Park/Bogota, Colombia, February 28, 2008
13- Fear Of The Dark
Filmed at Ferrocarril Oesta Stadium/Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 7, 2008
Iron Maiden
Filmed at Pista Atletica/Santiago Chile, March 9, 2008
15- Moonchild
Filmed at Coliseo de Puerto Rico/San Juan/ Puerto Rico, March 12, 2008
The Clairvoyant
Filmed at Pedreira Paulo Leminski/Curitiba/Brazil, March 4, 2008
17- Hallowed Be Thy Name
Filmed at Air Canada Center/ Toronto/Canada, March 16, 2008

Catalog nº: EU / 5099969814198