Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cd single: The Angel And The Gambler 1998. Digipack Cd with different artwork. Brings 4 photo cards.Multi media section.2 tracks. UK pressing.

This Cd editions in digipack format for the Angel And The Gambler single are just marvelous. This one, the artwork was made by the great Derek Riggs. Its funny the cover, its Eddie on the Mississippi River presenting the boat from which he is the captain and has is name, eheheh!! Just see the details. It brings 4 sided special cards with the boys promo photos. The Cd itself is also picture disc.
This Cd has a history, was personally signed by Steve Harris and Nicko Macbrain in March 1998 when they came to Portugal for a couple of promotion.

Songs are:

The Angel And The Gambler, edited version
The Aftermath, live in Gothenburg in 1/11/1995

Cat.nÂș: UK CDEM 507