Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tour Books, a brief introduction.

Tour books are just marvelous items to collect.
This books are made to give the fans something extra so they can remember years later that outstanding night ( or not!). Normally they are full of photos , tour dates, band members profiles, band members thoughts about their expectations for the new tour, we get to know the working crew and normally some tour dates are listed. On Maiden programmes there is always the Rod Smallwood thoughts about album sales and other stuff, and he always say thanks to the fans for their support, they never forget us.
When someone told me one day that this books bring a lot of photos and stuff, I said to myself: You must collect this!! The first ones I ever bought was, if I'm not mistaken, here in Lisboa, my hometown, again, in a second hand record shop called Neon Records, run by a metal maniac, his name is Francisco, unfortunately the shop no longer exists. In one of my week collector rounds to Neon Record shop I saw three tour books, Seventh Son, Piece Of Mind and Powerslave. WOW!! I said. I bought all the three, and then it was!! I start collecting this programmes and never stopped since then.I'm very proud to show you boys and girls here in my blog.
They are listed by Chronological order, I hope you enjoy this marvelous journey, cheers!!