Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tour Books: Fear Of The Dark World Tour 1992 programme. All tour dates, 24 pages colour.

Spectacular Tour Book for the Fear Of The Dark World Tour 1992.For the ones who don't know yet, Fear Of The Dark when was released entered straight to number one to the UK chart for the third time in their history, not bad for a metal band hei?! And without writing a song with the words babe, baby or other crap!!
The programme has 24 pages with loads and loads of spectacular photos. It has all the tour dates since June until December.This book is again very special to me because when I bought at the time I didn't had much of this stuff so, this was so cool discovering this new items to purchase, seeing the photos etc. This is also a great read for serious fans and collectors.There is also a Japan edition for this book but is almost the same just three or four photos different from the world edition , and its written in Japanese.