Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tour Books: Early Days World Summer Tour 2005 programme.88 pages , colour and black and white. All tour dates.

This is the Tour Book made for the Early Days World Tour Summer 2005.In 2005 Iron Maiden finally released a long time awaited documentary telling their history. The DVD has interviews with present and past members of the band as well as persons who worked closely with them over the years. The DVD also contains rare stuff like a live performance at Ruskin Arms Pub in early 1980, the 1983 Dortmund last show of the Piece Tour, a 50 minutes more or less of the Hammersmith Odeon Show in 1982 and the Live At The Rainbow show, December 1980.With all this, a tour was needed, yeahhh!!! And so our boys went on road again.This programme is a compilation all their tour books since 1980 until 1983, has 88 pages and some cool unseen photos. All the tour dates, from May until August.I purchase this one in Lisbon , my hometown ,when they came here to play at a sold out Pavilhão Atlântico.