Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tour Books:Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008. First programme in fold out poster format.

This was the first programme made for this legendary Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008.
Its not a normal programme as we are used to, its a fold out posters with some photos taken from the Live After Death LP, and it has a message from the Great Rod Smallwood . Has also a promo photo made by the time this tour was announced back in September 2007, I think.
The tour dates are just from February and March.
I have to say that this poster is made from very high standard paper, its more tick than usual and its much more shining, very beautiful. The artwork is made by the French artist, Hervé Monjeaud, and I have to say that this painting in poster is absolutely killer, or Number Of The Beast , if you prefer...eheehehehh!!!