Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tour Books: Virtual XI World Tour 1998. No indication of the tour dates.28 pages all colour.

This is a great tour programme with loads of nice photos. It has 28 pages all colour. This item was sold to be by a guy in Utah , USA, this person put an ad on the official fan club magazine, I saw it because it was shown to me by a friend, I wrote a letter to the guy and that was it, took a long time to came to my hands but in the end was well worth the time and money, eheheeh!!There is also some photos of the Ed Hunter game that was just released in 1999.My dear web friend ( I don't know him yet personally) Teddy Yates from Texas, USA, and Japan ( He has two houses because his mother is Japanese and his father American), told me that in Japan they didn't do a Japan programme but they made a translation to Japanese language from the World book, and sold it there with that special sheet inside the regular world tour book.