Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bootleg CD: The Eternal Flame, The X Factour. November 1 and 5 1995.

The Eternal Flame is one of the best bootlegs around from Iron Maiden. This one cost me just 10 Euros in a local second hand record shop, again I got lucky because they use to pass the barrier of 50 bucks on Ebay.
The first piece of show is probably a soundboard recording, Blaze say that the show is being recorded, in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 1st, 1995. The second piece of show was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland on November 5th 1995, and this last one is a radio broadcast. Both have a great sound quality.
Tracks 1-9 recorded in Sweden, and tracks 10-13 recorded in Scotland.
As it was usual from Blaze he mixed and was always forgetting parts of the lyric of "Fortunes Of War", a real disgrace, his voice was so bad...
This Cd comes with a nice booklet with photos taken from the tour programme and also from Lord Of The Flies Cd single.
Track listing:
1- Man On The Edge
2- Wrathchild
3- Heaven Can Wait
4- Lord Of The Flies
5- Afraid To Shoot Strangers
6- The Evil That Men Do
7- The Aftermath
8- Sign Of The Cross
9- Iron Maiden
10- Man On The Edge
11- Wrathchild
12- Heaven Can Wait
13- Fortunes Of War

For the record I have to say that this items are from my personal collection and they are here for exposition and not for selling or copy purposes.