Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bootleg CD: Waldrock festival June 21 2003, digipack CD.

This is another great addition to my finest selection of bootleg recordings. Its a powerful performance at Waldrock Festival in June 21, 2003, a show that was part of the Give Me Head 'Till I'm Dead world summer tour. This is a radio broadcast, so , as you guys imagine, the sound is marvelous, almost like a official recording. Comes in a digipack format, very beautiful I have to say, and on front cover, back and inside we can see photos of that concert and I believe also from that tour.Unfortunately this Cd doesn't bring the entire show, we must wait for a complete edition in the future, I'm sure it will come out one day, still it has 10 tracks plus "Blood Brothers" recorded at Roskilde June 29 2003.
Track listing:
1- Hallowed Be Thy Name
2- 22 Acacia Avenue
3- Wildest Dreams
4- Brave New World
5- The Clansman
6- Heaven Can Wait
7- Fear Of The Dark
8- Iron Maiden
9- Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter
10- Run To The Hills
11 - Blood Brothers

For the record I have to say that this items are from my personal collection and they are here for exposition and not for selling or copy purposes.