Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bootleg CD: Roskild festival June 27, 2003. Trifold digipack CD.

Giving Head To Ed, the first 7 tracks were recorded at Roskilde Festival Denmark, June 27th 2003, tracks 8 and 9 were recorded at Waldrock Festival, Holland, June 21 2003.
This is a tri-fold digipack Cd. Again, a radio broadcast with an incredible sound, you can hear everything perfectly, a real must have item!!
Track listing:
1- The Trooper
2- Revelations
3- Hallowed Be Thy Name
4- The Wicker Man
5- The Clansman
6- Fear Of The Dark
7- Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
8- 2 Minutes To Midnight
9- Run To The Hills

For the record I have to say that this items are from my personal collection and they are here for exposition and not for selling or copy purposes.