Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: Best Of The Beast 1996 Best Of in special cardboard box and digibook. 56 pages colour book.27 tracks. UK pressing.

This edition is simply marvelous. It has 27 tracks and is kind like a replica of the 4 LP vinyl box. Brings a 56 page colour booklet with much more stuff, specially photos, than the 27 and 16 track Cd's in jewel case. The Cd's are stored in the folds that the book brings and both Cd's are picture disc. Brings "Iron Maiden" and "Strange World" from the Cambridge session ( where Sound House Tapes were recorded).
They put a lot of work in this edition and the result was fabulous. On The front sleeve there is a sticker advertising for the video game release called Melt. This game was abandoned because the graphics and the game itself were not very good. As we all know today the Ed Hunter game is such a crap, I'm just talking of course in terms of game playing, and if the Ed Hunter is not good I can't even imagine how bad it was the previous, eheheh!! Brings also the new song "Virus".

CAT.Nยบ: UK EMI 724385319426