Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: Flight 666 movie documentary soundtrack. 16 songs plus intro recorded in 16 different cities. Year of release: 2009. Double Cd.

This is the double soundtrack Cd from the award winner movie documentary Flight 666.
The Cd consists in 17 recordings, 16 songs plus Churchill's speech, each one recorded in 16 different cities.
Again, its a regular edition with nothing extra for us collectors, few photos, and again I'm ironying here, they had so very few photos to choose... from the 85.000 John McMurtrie took from all the four legs...This was confirmed to me by John himself, I sent him a mail.
The sad thing about this Cd is that each song fades after end, wich cuts a lot the adrenalin, in the DVD they didn't do this crap!
I have the feeling that in some songs, not many, on the solo parts, the sound of Adrian and Janick guitars are very low compared with the very loud Dave guitar, I will have to listen more times to see if it really is or is just a first listening feeling.
The soundtrack has 16 songs plus intro recorded in 16 different cities, wich are:

1- Churchill's speech
recorded at Mumbai, Palace Grounds, India, February 1, 2008
2- Aces High
Recorded at Mumbai, Palace Grounds, India, February 1,2008
3- 2 Minutes To Midnight
Recorded at Rod Layer Arena/Melbourne, Australia, February 7, 2008
4- Revelations
Recorded at Acer Arena/Sydney, Australia, February 9, 2008
5- The Trooper
Recorded at Tokyo Messe Hall/Japan, February 16, 2008
6- Wasted Years
Recorded at Arena Monterrey/ Mexico, February 22, 2008
7- The Number Of The Beast
Recorded at The Forum/Los Angeles,USA, February 19, 2008
8- Can I Play With Madness
Recorded at Foro Sol/ Mexico City/Mexico, February 24, 2008
9- The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Recorded at Izod Center/New Jersey/USA, March 14, 2008
10- Powerslave
Recorded at Saprissa Stadium/San Jose/Costa Rica, February 26, 2008
11- Heaven Can Wait
Recorded at Palmeiras Stadium/São Paulo/Brazil, March 2, 2008
12- Run To The Hills
Recorded at Simon Bolivar Park/Bogota, Colombia, February 28, 2008
13- Fear Of The Dark
Recorded at Ferrocarril Oesta Stadium/Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 7, 2008
14- Iron Maiden
Recorded at Pista Atletica/Santiago Chile, March 9, 2008
15- Moonchild
Recorded at Coliseo de Puerto Rico/San Juan/ Puerto Rico, March 12, 2008
16- The Clairvoyant
Recorded at Pedreira Paulo Leminski/Curitiba/Brazil, March 4, 2008
17- Hallowed Be Thy Name
Recorded at Air Canada Center/ Toronto/Canada, March 16, 2008
Special and many thanks to Patricia Curinha from EMI office here in Lisboa, Portugal, who kindly gave me this Cd. I ask her for the promotional Cd only, she didn't had but was so kind and instead gave me this one and the regular DVD, God bless ya girl!!
Catalog nº: EU/ 5099969775727 - Cd