Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: Fear Of The Dark 1992. Special digipack edition with 3 extra live bonus tracks. Released in this format just in Australia.

For the ones like me that love boxes and digipack editions , this one is great. Was only released in this format in Australia, I think they made this edition because Maiden didn't went there for a long period of time, but finally on this Fear Of The Dark world tour 1992, they manage to go there and play some shows. Brings a 19 page colour booklet. The Cd gives us something extra and very cool, 3 live tracks recorded at Wembley Arena December 1990. If you want to have this tracks you have to get all the Fear Of The Dark era singles, specially the ultra rare single Cd Wasting Love.This digipack is very much a digibook because the booklet is attached ( glued), doesn't come out like the normal ones.

Cat.nÂș: Australia 7808612