Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: The Final Frontier 2010 studio album. Limited edition CD in a metal box. EU pressing.

The Final Frontier is the 15th Maiden studio album and I'm sad to say that is the worst work they ever done. The songs don't have physical energy, tremendous lack of energy and adrenalin. The lyrics are great, some of the best solos ever done, but the great and pounding riffs are not there, a work to forget. Just El Dorado in my opinion is a great song, the rest...simply average!
The cover was made again by Melvyn Grant, the guy who made the awful work on the Death On The Road album, and again this work is a pure shit. This is not Eddie at all and Maiden should take care much better of the persona responsible for billions of merchandise sales over 30 years. With so many talented persons making artwork, why is the guy making this awful jobs??
Please Maiden management, put Hervé Monjeaud doing album and single artwork.
For the first time Maiden didn't released any single in a physical or digital format, they just made videos for the songs Final Frontier and El Dorado.
This album was also released in a digital format with some extra contents.
Track listing:

1- Satellite 15...The final Frontier
2- El Dorado
3- Mother Of Mercy
4- Coming Home
5- The Alchemist
6- Isle Of Avalon
7- Starblind
8- The Talisman
9- The Man Who Would Be King
10- When The Wild Wind Blows

Cat.nº: EMI / EU 5099964777122