Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: Maiden England 1994 re-edition of the VHS tape with a bonus Cd with the show.

For the ones who don't know this Cd is not actually a Maiden official issue but a official release from Sound And Vision, the guys who published the Maiden England VHS tape in 1989. This Cd not even appears on Maiden discography although the Cd is official.
In 1994 PMI re-released this VHS as part of Sound And Vision series, with a bonus Cd in a more fat case. This edition is great, the Cd unfortunately has two songs missing, The Number Of the Beast and Can I Play With Madness, there was not space to include them.
There is a bootleg edition making the rounds, but is in digipack format.
Maiden England was recorded at Birmingham NEC Arena in November 1989.

VHS, cat.nº: 72434913103
Cd, cat.nº: 724383006724 / 1994