Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: The X Factor 1995 studio album. 11 tracks. UK pressing.

1995 was a year of new Iron Maiden album, but...with a new singer...urrgg. Blaze Bayley unfortunately was the choice of the band to replace the fabulous Bruce Dickinson that had departed in September 1993 to pursue a solo career. I love the two albums recorded with Blaze, I like is voice on the album, but, live it was a different story, in my opinion Blaze was not 100% professional, he was always forgetting parts of the songs from X Factor and the same in 1998 with Virtual XI songs, funny, if we consider that he co-wrote some of the Stuff with Janick , Steve and Dave... But this is another story.
This is the UK pressing and its a bit different from the Canada one that you see bellow. Brings a clear tray with the electric chair as artwork and has also the Maiden logo on the left. The booklet of this edition has also the alternative front artwork. The Cd has a interesting detail, the colours are different in comparison with the Canada one.
The X Factor was released in 02/10/1995 and reached the number 10 in the UK top chart.
Cat.nÂș: UK CDEMD 1087