Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: The Final Frontier 2010 15 studio album. Greek edition in digipack format with booklet in A4 size.

This is the Greek edition of the Final Frontier 2010 studio album.
Although the only Greek language is the one you see on the sticker of the plastic case, its really made for the Greek market, it was confirmed by a very experienced UK collector. The rest of the stuff, booklet, Cd or digipack don't has anything written in Greek, just English.
Its a regular digipack Cd, but what makes this item outstanding is the booklet made in A4 format, something that I never saw anyone doing, and the first time for Maiden. The songs and the alignment are the same, no extras here.
Its a lovely collectors item and I'm sure it will be in the future one of the most expensive to find, complete with the plastic cover.
There was some doubts about the veracity of this edition but I'm almost sure that no bootlegger would have money to afford this kind of paper they used on the booklet, the smell and the printing quality are top notch, 100% well made, nothing fading here. And we all know that one thing that the bootleggers normally fail is the printing, you just look for some of the recent ones , like the supposed Japanese vinyl replicas, its very well made but in some, the printing quality is not 100% well made.
Enjoy this Cd, its a great item, cost me some 28 Euros with shipping included, sold through a Greek Fan Club member.
Cat.nÂș: EMI/ EU 5099964777221