Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: a brief reflection.

I know you guys probably will say, hey this guy has so few Cd's, how about the Castle re-editions? How about the first UK pressings? Well, guys, I'm a practical guy and I don't need to have all the editions from all the countries of this and other planets, known and unknown yet. I pretend to have the very first UK pressing and probably the original editions of the Real Live Cd's ( urrrgg...I have those two and sold them , now I'm thinking in buying again). But just that, what you are seeing on this section is what I like, I simply don't collect catalog numbers like the majority of the collectors, I don't like that, its too much compulsive, and when we realise we are collecting just to say that we have everything and not for the right reasons that should be because we want the item to play it or because is a pressing from our country , or even because it brings something extra like the first Cd you guys are going to see here.
The 1998 re-editions are a good choice for a guy like me, its great because we have there all the original stuff plus multi media section etc.
Saying this I hope you enjoy this part, gave me a lot of work with the photos and stuff, cheers!