Friday, 12 September 2008

Cd album: Edward The Great 2002 Best Of.Korean edition with a special cardboard box.

Wow, guys!! I received this beauty today. Its the Korean edition of the 2002 compilation Cd, Edward The Great.
It comes with a special cardboard box. I have to say that I was surprised with the quality of this box, its very shining, really great. This is the only extra here, the booklet, songs and artwork are the same as in the UK pressing. The booklet has also 20 pages with all the lyrics and promo photos, they also added here the Korean copyrights writings, the same they did on the Cd.
I have to say also that this Cd was a real war to get a hold on, since early 2006 that I was chasing this baby, but finally I manage to get it with a very cool price, 32.49 dollars with shipping included, who is always a lucky sod bastard hei? Ehehhehe...
Oh, before I leave here, this is really a official release boys and girls, this is based not on a certain envy and jealous Mike Hill ( its a fake name by the way, the guy was pretending to be another person but I'm more clever than he and I find out everything, but the world is not yet prepared to hear this whole story...), but based on real knowledge from intelligent and kind persons like my dear friend Teddy Yates from Texas/ Japan, Teddy is specialized in oriental issues and he guaranteed me that this one is 100% official, and I thank him very much for that, so, Mike Hill, give it up mate, you're wasting your time.

Cat.nÂș: Korea EKPD-1025